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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Certified or Licensed? 

 Yes! All of the artist at Brow Bar are certified permanent makeup artist. We all have completed  hands on apprenticeship and received certification from a permanent makeup training facility licensed to train in this industry by both American Academy of Micropigmentation and Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.  We have also  received extensive training and certification in Blood Borne Pathogens as deemed necessary for micropigmentation artists by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s crucial that you choose not only a certified artist, but also a licensed one to ensure your health is protected! 

How is this different from a traditional Tatoo? 
The most common type of traditional eyebrow tattoos involves the use of a tattoo gun and results in a block style brow, which leaves the client with a dark outlined eyebrow and no depth. These often fade to really unflattering colors. At Brow Bar our techniques provide  clients with crisp, thin lines that look identical to REAL HAIR or beautiful powder techniques that look like makeup.  Careful selection of pigment is chosen to give depth and shape so that the natural brows and procedures blend effortlessly together. 

Does it hurt?
 Every client is different and pain tolerance varies by client. Most clients describe the pain level as minimal and find tweezing and threading more uncomfortable. At Brow Bar we use the best topical lidocaine cream available to minimize discomfort. We have also been certified in Pain management. Numbing takes 20 to 30 minutes. That being said, this is a still a tattoo. You may feel some discomfort. Based on my personal experience, I would describe the feeling as a slight burning, astringent like sensation. Very tolerable and worth it!

How long does it take?
 The procedure takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the moment you walk in the door to completion. If you are having multiple procedures done on the same day it can take an additional hour to hour and a half.  The first hour or so is spent designing your new brows or lips and numbing the area. For eyeliner procedures design time is much less. There is no downtime! Occasionally, some clients will have some slight redness and swelling around the area which is very normal and will subside within a couple hours. Most clients go on about their normal day when they leave their appointment. 

What is the healing process?
 Some swelling and tenderness after the procedure is normal and may last a day or so, depending on the client. Your new brows, lips or eyeliner will appear DARKER, WIDER, AND SHARPER than the way they will heal. This is especially true for days 2-5. This is harder for some clients than others. Clients who rarely wear makeup may find that they don't like how their brows look on these days because they are too intense. That's normal! The pigment is sitting on top of the skin and has not yet settled into your face. As your skin heals over the tattoo, your brows with lighten and soften. This process takes about 10 days or so on average. Your brows will be dry and may scab a bit – it’s important that you’re prepared to go through this process BEFORE booking! It’s important to follow all after care instructions and to attend the required follow up appointment to make the finishing touches to your new brows! Your healing is 100% up to you. Once you leave it's up to you to be diligent about following the instructions you're given to get the best result! And no matter how great they look, it's important to come for your touch up appointment to get the final result.

How long does it last?
 This will vary by client. If aftercare instructions are followed diligently, your new look will last approximately 18-36 months. For some people, their brows will last even longer. Certain factors such as sun exposure, getting chemical peels, oily skin type, etc. will affect whether your brows will last on the higher or lower end of the expected months. There is no way for us to predict how long your brows will last or how they will heal with this procedure, since so much of it depends on skin type and lifestyle. Also, some clients really prefer a fresh, bright look. Those clients opt to come in for Color Boosts every 12 months instead of waiting for their brows to completely fade.


Are there some clients who can not retain pigments? 
Yes this does happen. Some people have highly effective immune systems that reject the pigment, some have super oily skin, and some just have highly effect skin healing. It's rare, but it's important that all clients understand this is a possibility and in most cases there is no way for us to know if this will take place prior to the work being done. Occasionally, I will recommend a third appointment to further touch the brows up if the client is retaining some pigment after the first touch up, however anything beyond that would likely be too much for the skin and the client would likely not be a candidate for permanent makeup. 

Who is a good candidate for permanent makeup?
The simple answer is, anyone that wants to have beautiful brows, lips or eyeliner  all day, every day,! That would include busy parents or business people who don’t have much time to apply brow make up, active people who don’t want to worry about sweating off makeup while working out or swimming, or any person who struggles with getting that perfect shape. Other clients include those suffering from scarring, Trichotillomania, Alopecia and Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss. 


Who is NOT a good candidate for permanent makeup? 
Clients allergic to Nickel due to some blades
Clients taking blood thinners
Skin irritations near the area such as sunburn or Psoriasis
Taking sun sensitizing medications
Botox within last 2 weeks
Accutane within last year
History of keloid scarring
Auto-immune deficiencies
People suffering from severe acne
Pregnant women
Chemotherapy patients will need to check with their physician and provide a doctor's note
People with conditions that cause them to bleed very easily (this impacts results) and color retention. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?
Before your appointment remember: 
•Avoid alcohol, caffeine, Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 24 hours before the procedure
•Because Botox can alter the position of your brows, it should be performed no later than at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. This is because Botox can alter the position of your brows.
•Thoroughly read all the forms given to you at the time of your appointment and ask any questions you may have.
•Be sure to advise me of any allergies, medical conditions, and prescriptions you take prior to your appointment.

After Care   
How do I take care of the treated area? 
•Avoid contact with the treated area for 7 to 10 days after the procedure until the skin starts to scab  
• Once the skin starts to scab and peel you may gently wash the area with clean hands, warm water and mild soap. DO NOT RUB HARD. You can air dry.
•Apply a THIN layer of your aftercare balm 2 times a day  or as much as needed If the skin is still very dry, 
•Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning booths until your tattoo is healed. You can go outside of course! I just suggest avoiding laying out at the pool or a beach until your brows are healed. If you are going to the beach or pool wear a hat that shields your brows from the sun until you're healed, like a visor or baseball cap.
•Do not soak your brows in water (ex. bath tub, sauna, pool, or hot tub). When washing your face, wash around the brow area. Showers are fine but please be mindful of brows cover them when showering. 
•Do not rub or pick at your brows. This can cause scarring, blurring, and/or infection. Should there be any scabbing, let them fall off naturally.
•Avoid facials, chemical treatments, Botox, etc. for 2 weeks.
• Do not allow makeup, lotions, or other products to come in contact with the treated area for 10 days.
•Your skin should be healed by 2 weeks at the latest. Consult a physician if you have ANY signs of infection, which could include redness in the brow area (aside from the first few hours after your appointment), green or yellow discharge, and/or fever.
•Should you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 973 960-6866. 
Long term after-care - After your skin has healed
•Inform your technician of your semi-permanent brows at the time of any laser procedures or MRIs. Our pigments are MRI safe, this is just a precaution.
•Always use a good sunscreen to protect your brows from fading caused by sun exposure. Extreme sun exposure can and will fade your pigment. This can be minimized by applying a good sunscreen of at least SPF25.
•Be aware that the use of chemical peels in the forehead region can expedite the fading of your semi-permanent brows.


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